Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally Time for Me!

Now that my 4 little birds are a little bit older, I finally have some time to focus on me and I've started by trying to update my wardrobe and accessories.  I'm super excited to announce that I have decided to start selling Stella & Dot jewelry!
Their pieces are divine and such nice quality.  They can be worn with jeans or with a ball gown or anything in between - hek, I might even wear them with my jammies - LOL! 
Click HERE to visit my personal website. Have a look and feel free to order online!  If you have any questions, I'd love to help you style a look that is all your own.  Feel free to email me!

Here are a few of my favorite peices that I KNOW will look great on any lady!
This is the beautiful Madeline pearl necklace!
 Pair it with these Maddie pearl earrings for a stunning look for daytime which is easily carried into the evening!
Another favorite is the Sanibel pendant:
This pendant looks amazing with the sanibel chandeliers:
Then choose from an array of our beautiful bracelets and rings and you have created the perfect jewelry outfit to go with shorts and a tank, jeans and a t-shirt or a more elegant work or evening outfit!
We have an amazing promotion on in June too so your jewelry is almost 1/2 off - you can see more of
 that here: 

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