Sunday, September 12, 2010


We were lucky enough to get to go and spend a few days in Texas with our friends Travis & Jamie.

We met them in Cabo and hit it off right away.  I was sooo excited to visit them and to take Andy to Dallas. 
The visit started off with a marathon shopping trip for Jamie and I and a golf game for Travis and Andy:

Travis and Jamie were such great hosts and carted us literally all over Dallas/Fort Worth and Arlington, showing Andy the sites and visiting old friends.  The only problem was that Travis wore this visor the whole time we were there:
We headed out that night for a yummy supper at the Olive Garden:
In our down time, Andy and Travis stole every second they could playing guitar hero - rock it boys:
We did ALOT of driving to see all the things we saw - HOLY FREEWAYS!!
We saw Reunion Tower, the mustangs at Los Colinas:

I went to bible college in Dallas and have always wanted to take him back to show him where I spent this significant period in my life.  Travis and Jamie were so gracious to drive us back to the ghetto - I'm not joking here - to visit my old campus.  It was so nostalgic.  I remembered everything being so much bigger.  It was great to go back and visit and be able to share that with Andy.  I got to see my old dorm:
Above, Gordon Lindsay tower where all the boys lived.  I worked in the cafeteria there.  We saw the new conference center:

There was a Wendy's where this building is now when I went to school there.
The next day we headed out to Arlington to visit a very dear friend.  When I was a young 18 year old student just out of high school Ruth Anne and Joe adopted me as their "Canadian Daughter" and became my home away from home.  Visiting her was definitely one of the high lights of the trip.
Jamie was so gracious to take us out to visit Ruth Anne and go for lunch and to see some sights.  We went to Joe C. Garcias for lunch.   There is an AMAZING patio there.
Then we headed out to the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  That was fun to see:
There was an old rail car in a station with little shops lining each of the sidewalks beside it:
We as the long horn cattle drive:
Here is an old fashioned stage coach:
And Ruth Anne sitting on a saddle bar stool at one of the saloons:
We saw some really cool architecture in Fort Worth as well.  The Fort Worth court house:
Then there were these amazing Angels:
Finally it was time to say good bye to Ruth Anne.  The visit was just way too short and I hope we get to visit her again soon.
After that, we headed out to a Texas Ranger's game!  That was SO much fun!  What a great experience to go to a MBA game!
Former President Bush and his wife were there enjoying the game:
We had such a great time with Jamie and Travis and can't wait until they come to visit us in Canada in the spring!
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