Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update On Isaiah

Hi Everyone:
I just spoke with Isaiah on skype and wanted to give you an update on how he is doing and what has been going on for him at YWAM.
Isaiah looks well and is so enjoying his time in California!  He is having alot of fun skateboarding and sight seeing.  Today his team is in Tiajuana for a leadership conference which he seems to be enjoying.  Last night they had the opportunity to visit the red light district in Tiajuana where they witnessed the tragedy of child trafficing, drug addiction, and the travesty that poverty and the lack of God create.  It is one thing to see this kind of thing on TV; it is quite another to see it with your own eyes.
Isaiah has spent time ministering in friendship to unsaved kids at the skate park and has gotten them connected to local churches and youth groups which has really excited him.
He has had the opportunity to share God and hope with ex members of the Hell's Angels and direct them to the only true source of help and freedom.
He has seen deaf ears healed, financial needs provided for both for himself and others.  He has had the opportunity to pray for others himself and see God move in their lives.
When I asked him what direction he felt the Lord leading him in he replied that since he has been there he has taken on the roll of a leader and an encourager and that that feels good to him.  He himself has had the Lord touch areas of his heart where there were areas of hurt and unforgiveness and has had the opportunity to be influenced by leaders whom he likes and respects.
Most importantly, Isaiah has had the opportunity to experience God as his own God - the personal God.  Isaiah wanted a pair of Rayban sunglasses.  He told God that he didn't care how he got them but that he would really like some Raybans.  Having no money to spend he laughed at the request and then one of the other guys on his team who has a very wealthy family and a huge brand name wardrobe approached Isaiah and said, "God has shown me that I've based my identity on these clothes and things so I'm giving them away.  I have this pair of Raybans and I'm wondering if you want them!"
LOL!  That's the God we serve, the God of more than enough, the God who fills the desires, not just the needs of our hearts!
We and Isaiah so much value all of your support.  Your financial contributions, gifts and most of all your prayers.  God is doing great things in and for Isaiah and we so look forward to sharing more with you as he continues to update us.
Tomorrow is the day that they will chose where they go for their outreach, please pray that God will show Isaiah clearly where he should be going! Pin It

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  1. I must have missed something, Christie. How did he end up in CA anyway? Is he on a mission trip or what? You may have posted, and I just missed it, but this is wonderful and I know you are proud of him!


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