Monday, June 21, 2010

The Last of Mexico

These are the last of the Mexico pics for you.  The last few days were spent with alot of R&R by the pool at our resort.  We did meet some new friends - Travis and Jamie!

We headed out on the town with them one night and found ourselves at Cabo Wabo in downtown Cabo.  Cabo Wabo is a restaurant/bar owned by Sammy Hagar.  We stayed there and were amused by some of the other patrons who had had a LITTLE too much to drink - LOL!
The next day we had a tequila tasting tour and glass bottom boat ride out to Lover's Beach and Land's End where we stayed for a couple of hours enjoying the sand, calmer ocean and sun!
This is the plant that tequila is made from - can I just say - YUK!
 Here we are on the glass bottom boat on our tour - note our stylish and very new looking floatation devices:
We toured out to Land's End where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific ocean:

On the way there we stopped and visited the sea lion colony:
Then we headed to Lover's Beach:
It was absolutely stunning.  So gorgeous and calm.  Not crowded or anything.  The water on the Sea of Cortez side was calm enough for swimming but still had a strong current.  Jamie and I did venture in but only on the condition we could hold onto Travis and Andy.  LOL!  While Jamie and I enjoyed sitting in the sun - under an umbrella - they guys enjoyed playing in the water:
Then we headed over to the Pacific side to take a look at the waves - wowsa.  The power of the water is just amazing and of course, the guys being as tough as they are decided they needed to see who was stronger - them or the waves - needless to say, that was a short adventure but they had fun, nonetheless.
Then we headed back to the Cabo marina and watched Travis and Jamie swim with the Dolphins for a while - that looked like good fun and something I definitely want to try in the future!
Jamie and I ditched the guys and went shopping while they hunted down some cigars to share.  They came and found us in the mall and we headed to a restaurant bar on the Marina called Jack's - WOW - did we have fun that night!  Mariochi bands, good food, good company, lots of laughs and great weather!!!
What a great end to an even better day!
Our last day there we went in to the Marina to walk around for a bit and buy the kiddos some treats to take home.  The one thing we talked alot about while we were in Mexico is how poor the area was.  The children at the Candelaria school stole our hearts and as we walked around the Marina there are constantly merchants trying to sell you their goods.  I was okay with saying no alot until it came to the kids.  Small children selling goods on the street when they should be in school.  We ended up giving several of them money and buying some toys from them.  They were so precious.
We definitely want to head back on a Missions Trip some day.
We spent some more time enjoying the marina:

Then Thom, Andy and I headed out on this huge yacht for a sunset boat ride.
The view from the top deck was awesome:

This little guy was showing off for us:
This very poignant reminder of God's love was perched atop a mountain - this pic was taken with a high 
power zoom lens:

Some local fishermen:
Pelican Rock:
Andy and Thom:

We enjoyed the live band that played for us: 
And even did a little dancing:

Then we were treated to dinner and some authentic Mexican dancing:
What fun trip this was!

And then we headed back home to this:
our sweet boys! Its nice to get away but its sure nice to come home to these smiling faces too! Pin It

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  1. These are awesome pictures, Christie! I have been enjoying looking through them. I actually came here to let you know that I have been thinking of you these past several weeks. Just wanted to thank you for having me on your DT and wanted you to know how much it meant to me. You are just the sweetest! Wishing you all the best! I will be back often to see what you are up to! ((hugs))


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