Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scuba Diving in Cabo

Day 3 we headed out on a nice big boat for a tour of the marina and then off to Chileno bay to do some scuba diving/snorkelling.  Andy has always wanted to scuba dive and I have always wanted to try snorkelling so we headed out on this excursion to try our hands at both.  Here are some of the cool boats that were docked in the marina:

Here is Andy all geared up and ready to go: 
I did try snorkelling  - for about 30 seconds until I kind of panicked with the whole breathing thing - and then when I saw the size of the fish that were swimming by my feet and legs, I decided that I was definitely OKAY with seeing those fish in an aquarium where glass seperated us.  Long story short, one of the guys from the boat had to jump in to tow me back to the boat. - UGH!  I also was stung by my 3rd jellyfish of trip - hmph!  I decided I was happy to bask in the beautiful Mexican sun on the loungers on the top deck of the boat.
You can see the water dotted with all of the snorkellers here:
Andy on the other hand, LOVED his scuba diving experience and will definitely try it again.  Here he is getting back onto the boat after his dive:
 We had a great authentic Mexican lunch on the way back to the marina with great music and some dancing!!
Once we were back and off the boat we were walking around the marina and saw this:
Some fishermen that caught a hammerhead shark - and this:
A marlin on the back of a boat that another lucky fisher reeled in.  I think there is definitley an ocean fishing trip in Andy's future!
Back tomorrow with some night life and our new friends!

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