Monday, March 21, 2011

A Birthday for Twins

My amazing twins turned 8 on Saturday.  Wow, that happened when I blinked.  The time has gone SO fast!  I only remember snippets of when they were babies, but I remember very clearly the pregnancy and the preparation - practical and mental - for the arrival of TWO babies. 
Every single day I look at them and marvel at the amazing little people God decided to trust me with - how humbling!  My little dreams come true! 
Jacob is a leader - a born leader.  Its just who God made him to be.  What a huge responsiblity to parent a child like this.  To teach him that leaders are kind, to teach him how to make tough decision, and to teach him how to lead with love.  Thank God we have the example of Jesus to follow!  He also loves to draw us pictures and write us stories and read them to us :0)
Eli is so sensitive, his is a hard worker and loves the status quo.  He is eager to please all the time and loves to bless those around him.  He is constantly writing me poems and stories, making me cards and telling me how much he loves me.  He has still kept his new years resolution and is very proud of that!  He is wise and has a very strong conscience, constantly keeping Jacob on track despite Jacob 'leading' him to do things that are questionable.  This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!

They had a skating party this year - we barely made it with the weather - it was pretty slushy and we had alot of wet ski pants when we got home but they had fun nevertheless.  They were each allowed to invite 4 kids so all together we had 11 (including Benjamin). 
As these 11 cherubs were racing around our house slamming doors, chasing each other and screaming, Andy turned to me and said - do you see now why I don't think the movie Cheaper By The Dozen is funny - LOL!

Here are the invitiations I made for their party - I cased them and changed them a little bit from the SU idea book and catalogue:
Jacob's were red:
Eli's were green:

You can find all of the supplies to make these invitations right HERE!
Go hugs the little people in your life that make your dreams come true! Pin It

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