Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ridiculously Late but...

I couldn't help myself.  This is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and go through our Christmas photos and I just have to share them!

For family and friends, or any of you that are interested, here is our 2012 in a very quick recap:
Jan to Mar - found Isaiah in Chile doing a Skate and Surf outreach with Youth with a Mission and I was working away frantically on the Perioperative Nursing Program
March - Andy and I were off to LA for Isaiah's grad!  He shone - just like he always does - yep, I can say that, I'm his Mom!  and we were so proud of him!
April to June- found me in the city doing my practicum and Andy and the boys left to fend for themselves - OIY!  Without the help of amazing friends, we could have never done this!  Jacob, Eli and Benjamin were playing baseball and what great little players they are!  WOW did I ever miss them but so glad to have accomplished this goal in my career.  I now work in the Operating Room!
May - Isaiah headed back to California to do the School of Ministry Development with Youth With a Mission again!
July - Isaiah came home after finishing the SOMD and we had a whirlwind family overnight vacation (pics of that are posted below in another post)
August - December went by in a blur and flurry of ALOT of work.
September - back to school for J, E and B - Jacob and Eli are in grade 4 this year and Benjamin in grade 2 - wow - didn't they just turn 1 last year?
November - hockey started again and all three little guys are playing again
December - things finally slowed down and we were able to enjoy a really nice Christmas together before Isaiah moved away just last week!
After all of that - here are our Christmas pictures, I was just thrilled when I got to finally sit down and look at them!

We had such a nice relaxing holiday season together!  Reminds me to be thankful for such great times! Pin It

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