Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Place to Call My Own

Well, some of you may remember a while back I posted pics of Andy and my (grammar - I know) stamp/video game room.  I was thrilled that we had a space - albeit small - that we could share and enjoy our hobbies in.  Well, you may also remember that we had a minor flood (the windows leaked when the ice melted) so all of our stuff got relocated to our guest room in the basement.  We then proceeded to move two other bedrooms around - ugh.  As any of you with stamping stuff know, it is extremely labor intensive to move around and reorganize and well, it really never happened after my things got taken downstairs.  I'm not a big fan of basements anyway, unless they are daylight or walkout basements which ours is not so after months of not stamping, scrapbooking, or really creating anything more magical than dinner, I decided that our now upstairs guest room would be relocated once again to the basement and would have to be shared with Andy's gaming stuff and I have now taken over the smallest of the bedrooms in our home and turned it into my stamping & computer room.
Ahhh, finally a place I feel at home in.  Bright and Sunny and Cheery.  Here's a little peek into my new space - excuse the mess - it just means I've been creating again - right!
 On the top left you'll see a pic of my bulletin board filled with pics of my 4 favorite people and my 1 favorite dog - LOL!  Below that I have a small shelf with various stamp sets, ribbon, my prisma color pencils and my bella & Paper Pretties binders. 
To the right of that is all my sterilite drawers - LOVE LOVE LOVE those drawers!  They hold my stamps, all the pretties I use on my cards - brads, ribbon, etc and miscellaneous stamps. All of the drawers are labelled which makes it really easy to find things.  I also have my card carosell up on top of one of those towers with all my favorite Paper Pretties cards in it.
Lastly, I finally have a place for my sew mini and my selphy printer!  Andy beside that you can see the 'puter where I can keep a close eye on the kiddos when they are playin 'puter games.  On the window sil above I have some of my favorite treats I've received from other creative friends.
Yes, I know - the obvious pic is missing, that of my desk.  Well, the truth is that it was just toooooo messy to show but it is opposite of the sewing station and to the left of the sterilite drawers.
Thanks for taking a minute to peek into my sunny new space.  You'll be hearing from me alot more now :0) Pin It

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  1. Christie, it looks AWESOME!!!! So nice and organized! Beautiful room!


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