Friday, July 9, 2010

The Baseball Season

This year the three youngest boys played baseball.  I was SO impressed with how much they learned. 
Here is Eli in his new baseball cap:
And some pics of Benjamin:
An action shot:
On the bench waiting for his turn:
His team pic:
and the time when things weren't so exciting:
We are really lucky in Kindersley to have a beautiful ball park that hosts the Canada Cup Baseball finals.  The boys got to play their final game of the season there and they really felt like champions!
Here is Jacob as back catcher:
Doing a great job:
Jacob did a really great job this game.  He played first base and caught a ball to get a runner out at first, hit a home run

and also caught a pop fly to get a runner out while he was on the pitcher's mound!

Eli was on his game too:
Here he is on first waiting to run:
Playing 3rd:
Eli's turn for back catcher:
And finally, what game would be complete without hot dogs?!!!
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