Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Times @ The Carnival

A few weeks ago, Eli and Jacob were invited to a their first sleep over so that evening we took Isaiah and Benjamin to the Carnival they had in town.  Before I tell you about the carnival, I just have to say how much we love it here in Kindersley.  It is just over a year ago that we moved here and we are just so impressed with this place.  For instance, there was a great trade show in town that brought in lots of companies that are not usually available here, the night after that ended there was a drive in set up in the Walmart parking lot.  The following day the carnival came to town and we just celebrated Canada day and Kindersley did a great job with that.   The fireworks that followed were AMAZING - better than any I had seen in a city anywhere (except Disney - but that's a pretty tough act to follow!).  Having moved from a town half this size where there was NOTHING to do at all, we are just so thrilled at what a great job the town does of offering things to do,  a great variety of activities for kids and lots of great summer activities along with the new multiplex facility that will hold an ice rink, swimming pool, performing arts center and more.  For a town of 5000 we are so happy to call Kindersley home.
Now, onto the carnival.  It was really nice to have time with just Isaiah and Benjamin - it was such a rare combination to get the oldest and the youngest alone together and the fact that the twins were having fun at a sleep over alleviated any guilt of them missing out on the carnival - LOL!
Here are the two of them on their way into the fair.

 There is that ride that goes all the way to the top and then drops suddenly several times.  Ya, well that is the first on Benjamin wanted to go on.  Now, he has never been to the carnival before so had no idea what to expect from this ride.  We also did not know how he'd react so we were a little hesitant and interested to see how he would do.  Here is the face before the ride started:

And now the first reaction to the first drop:
 You can see that Isaiah is about as scared as Benjamin - LOL!!!  Things quickly turned though:
Isaiah still felt a little pensive but Benjamin thought this was great fun.  Seeing his reaction had Andy and I laughing so hard that our cheeks hurt - LOL!
By the end, they were both smiling - or was it that they were smiling because it was the end?!

Then we headed over to another ride where Benjamin rode a "hog":
On to the spinning Monkeys:
Down the three story slide:

The bumper cars:
The ferris wheel:
And finally MY favorite ride - the Merry Go Round:
No trip to the fair would be complete without Daddy winning him a big teddy bear:
We had a great time at the fair, I can't wait for next year!!! Pin It

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