Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saving Money

In todays economic situation I find myself reading more and more about how to save money, cut corners, and get ahead.  In our discussions, rather than deciding what brand of jeans is better we find ourselves trying to decide whether it is better to save for the children's education or for our own retirement.  Small decisions today affect our lives BIG time tomorrow.
This brings us to another topic I'll touch on occassionally here on my blog that I hope will be interesting and helpful for you.  Everyday Finances.
I have found a couple of new ways to save money that I'd like to share with you.  I've been reading on several blogs lately about Shaklee products.  The things that attracted me to these products was that not only were they much less expensive than the products I am currently buying but they are also all natural, containing no harmful  chemicals.  I decided to check it out and I am amazed and very pleased with the results.  The products I purchased are the H2, the dishwashing detergent and the scour off, along with the 3 spray bottles.
I'm going to direct you to this post if you would like more information on these products and how they work but sufficeth to say, I had the same results Cassity did!
Another great way to save money I've found is the Great Value brand of products at Walmart.  I know that some people think Walmart is trying to take over the world and if they are going to continue to offer lower prices than anyone else, I say - more power to them.  I have tried several of the Great Value brand products and have found them very comparable to the name brands.  SOS pads are 2.00 more per box than the same Great Value option.  Mini pizzas - that I send the boys for lunch are .50 each, MUCH cheaper than the comparable McCains brand.
Next time you're in Walmart check out some of these products and give them a try.  They'll put a smile on your face and some extra $ in your pocket.
Be sure to let me know what you think, if you've tried any of the products above or if you have any other $ saving tips you'd like to share! Pin It

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