Friday, February 18, 2011

Its A Boy...and He's a Keeper!!!

My poor husband ended up the hospital with a VERY nasty pneumonia.  He's on IV antibiotics and I've been visiting a couple of times every day.  While I've been out and about, I've also been running errands and on the list today was picking up dog food at the pet store.  Well, along with Dog food, I picked up another little something for an early Valentine's gift for all '5' of my boys:
I do have to admit that I just left a deposit at the pet store while I 'borrowed' this little guy to see if Andy would fall in love with him like I did - and guess what - HE DID!  We had been talking about getting Daisy a little brother or sister but didn't have any definite plans and when I saw this little guy, he stole my heart!  He is a bassett hound/terrier cross.  After I got the nod from Andy, I took the new puppy home to our oldest - Isaiah:

It was two thumbs up there also.  We let Isaiah pick a name for this little guy and he decided on Charlie!
Next, I took Isaiah and Charlie back to the hospital to see Andy and then I went and picked up the little guys from school (I wanted Andy to be able to see their excited little faces when they saw Charlie).  Here's what happened:

How totally cute is HE!!!
And, the boys weren't the only ones who loved him.  He and Daisy hit it off!

 It was a long hard day meeting those boys and his new sister!

Thanks for looking at our new little snuggler!  Have a great day! Pin It


  1. Cute! It's nice to see a non-stamping glimpse into the lives of stampers. TFS!


  2. Charlie is adorable, but not as adorable as your boys...well, okay, he's right up there. Everyone looks pretty happy and I hope Andy is on the mend and back home with you all.


  3. Great blog!! Now following you. Hope you will follow me too.
    Thanks, Norma


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