Monday, November 5, 2012


So based on my last post I felt compelled to begin a list of what or whom I think God created me to be.  I started by thinking back to the things I've always loved, even as a little girl.  Here is the list I've begun, in no particular order:

I love my boys - all 4 of them!  I love their smiles, their faces, their victories and accomplishments, I love their failures because I know it teaches them to overcome adversity and that their worth is not based on what they do;

I love my husband - I believe with all my heart that God purposely placed him in my life to teach me about love.  Unconditional, I'll never give up on you - I love you even when you're ugly kind of love.  I love that he is honorable, that he desires to please God with all his heart, that he wants to make me happy, that he thinks I'm beautiful.  I love the deep, genuine love he has for people - all people.  I love how nonjudgemental and gracious he is - GRACE - that's his super power!

I love animals - especially bunnies - but pretty much any baby animal - except bugs!

I love to worship - no, I mean I REALLY LOVE to worship God - it refreshes and re-energizes my soul without exception

I love to dance - with out reservation or fear of judgement or worry of how I look - to dance with utter abandon - like David did.  I love to dance at weddings, in church, in my living room - I love to dance.

I love pink and blue and I love pink and blue together!

I love flowers - almost all flowers but ESPECIALLY the full kind like peonies and roses!

I love dresses!  I might wear them everyday if I could - the very simple sun dresses and the very fancy ball gowns.

I love weddings - everything about them - planning them, attending them, being a part of them, having them - all of it - the love - the celebration, the dressing up, the party, all of it!

I love sweats - yep, I know I said I love dresses but I also love sweats, not the lulu lemon dressy yoga pants that you can wear out to the store, but the old grey baggy sweats that feel WAAAAAYYYYY toooo big, even when its you're period and you've just eaten four helpings of icecream! 
I love high heels - especially stilettos! (I don't love how I'm scared of breaking an ankle whenever I wear them - LOL)

I love long hair!

I love to travel!

I love decorating and I love color!

I love to laugh!  Not the small, grin kind of laugh but the belly, I can't breathe, no noise is coming out and I sit here and clap my hands looking like a retarded seal kind of laugh!

I love romantic comedies - not the kind that make you feel sad at the end and have unrealistic expectations for your husband and marriage but the kind that make you celebrate the love you have in your own life.

I love seeing people love and pursue God!  Not because the bible tells them to but because they genuinely love Him - because they have a relationship with Him and have decided that their lives are no longer their own, not out of compulsion, but because of a realization of His crazy, over the top love for them.

I love the mountains and I love the water.

I love wood burning fire places.

I love cleaning my house. It makes me feel like I'm honoring God by taking care of what He has blessed me with and it makes me feel like I'm creating a great place for my family to come home to everyday.

So, these are a few of my favorite things - whether they are popular or not is irrelevant - they are MY favorite things.  And, as I read over the list above - I think I might be starting to like this little girl God created - maybe even uncovering layers of expectation and disappointments to uncover the beauty He created.

What are a few of your favorite things?

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