Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project Beauty and a Challenge

I've recently introduced you to Jessica Hover.  Her blog continues to challenge me and so now I'm inviting you to take up a challenge with her and I as well.  Project Beauty!
Project beauty is a journey to discover who God created me to be and to see myself the way He sees me!  I want you to join us as well and we want to hear about what you discover!
You can read more about the challenge and what Jess is going through here.

Imagine what could happen if the amazing daughters of God began to discover their destiny in Him and began taking that destiny to the world showing it the beauty of God!

Here's what to do to take the challenge:  (FROM JESSICA'S BLOG)

It's day one of the project and here is where I am at....  
I am choosing today to encourage myself. The same way I would encourage a struggling friend.

Everytime I look in the mirror I will think of at least one thing I love about myself, and I will thank God for that thing.
And when I lay down for bed I will thank God for 5 things I like about myself.
I did it last night... and again this morning when I woke up.
That's all. Day one of project beauty is encouragement. Simple.

The Bible says in Genesis 50:20--
"But as for you, you meant evil against me; 
but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, 
to save many people alive." 

Satan wants to destroy us through our insecurities and perversions of beauty. He wants to convince us that we will never be good enough. But here is what I have decided... the more the enemy lies to me... the more I will pursue truth... and the more truth I find ... the more truth I will share... which means more freedom for both myself and others.

Join us!  Leave me a comment and keep us up to date in what God is showing you about your own identity and beauty! Pin It

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