Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Spoiled

One day a while ago, the door bell rang and when I went to open it it was the postal girl with a HUGE box from my good friend Julie.  Wow, did she spoil me!  Among the treasures were some PTI buttons, a novel, A Card A Day book, and the list just went on and on.  I found this beautiful card she had made me for my birthday (now almost a year ago - he he)
And then, THIS:
This is absolutely beautiful!  It is a shadow box full of ATC's of our own little Sophia made by many of the current and past Prettie Girls.  WOWSA!  It now has a special place of honor in my new room and is the first thing you see when you enter.
Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Jules and the other girls for making me feel so special and loved! Pin It


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