Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails Around the River

Now that its nice outside, I've been taking a 3 mile walk everyday around the river that runs through town.  It is so peaceful and beautiful, I really love to go, it isn't even like exercise because I enjoy it so much :0).  Anyway, today the little boys came with me - (we all went out so that Isaiah could sleep in in the peace & quiet).  Even Daisy likes our walks!
Today I took my camera to get some shots of just how beautiful it is.  When I came home and looked at the pics, they made my heart smile.  Little boys are some of the cutest, innocent, honest little creatures that God created.  I just love everything about them - well, almost everything.
A boy and his dog:
This guy always takes his bike - I guess its a bigger adventure!
This is a pic of the river - the scenery as we walk:
Today we were lucky enough to see this friendly fellow taking a dip.  I'm not sure who was more excited to see him - me or the boys.  For those of you that can't make out what it is, its a beaver!!  You can barely see his big paddle tail in the water behind him.

Here's Daisy investigating the woods and heading off any killer ducks that she thinks may want to have us for breakfast - LOL!
A story about boys would not be complete without something snailish - here is a catepillar the boys saw.  I'm very sure that it will turn into some very aweful large bug given time - ugh!
The epitomy of little boys - dirty face and rooster tail to boot!
Beautiful signs of spring:
Another little boy on a big adventure:
I just love this pic and think its a great way to end our walk:
By the end of our walk they all had pockets full of VERY special rocks, walking sticks and more dirt and rooster tails :0) - have I mentioned how much I LOVE little boys!!!
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  1. What a great morning! Those boys are just too cute! :)

  2. Christie,
    Thank you SO much for sharing. I love the pic of your little on his bike. It made me smile to see that he had his backpack---proably full of things that just couldn't be left behind.


  3. Christie, Thanks so much for the lovely walk this morning. Your pictures are fantastic! . . . and the mention of rooster tails made me laugh out loud. My own "little boy" had one and that is just how we referred to it. Now we are going to his college graduation at UMaine - getting a BS in Surveying Engineering. Hopefully a new job as well. He has been in Emergency Services, starting as an EMT back in the early '90's. He is Dad to Madison and Camden - great cousins to Julia and Jack in California!! Can't wait to have them all together in June. Digi stamps are wonderful - how easy to stamp and carry between Maine and Florida. Keep up the good work. Hugs and best wishes. a P. S. One of these days Jana and I are going to have a jet and just zoom around visiting all her scrappin' friends!!!


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