Saturday, August 4, 2012

Are You Digi?

Are you a digital person or a hands on person?  I actually really like both!  Working with my hands give me a real sense of accomplishment and working on a digital project makes me feel very intellectual for being able to figure all the technical stuff out - LOL!
Either way, digital or hands on, I'm always very excited to sit down and look at the project I've finished!  You may be like me before I ever tried digital and are scared stiff to dive into that techno world - he he.  Right now is the perfect time for you to give it a try.  Stampin Up's digital studio 2 is offering a free 30 day trial download.
Still not sure?  You can check out all of the downloads that come in your FREE trial HERE
Call me or email me today to find out how to get YOUR free download and get started now!
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