Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boys Room Redo

The story with the house we live in is a long, sad song.  It is in and ideal location and we love the neighborhood.  The size is adequate for us but beyond that - it has been kind of a headache.  We are renting and saving like crazy to be able to build a house but his house is WAY overpriced and the windows and door seals are all gone so the utility bills are ridiculous.  Anyway, we never intended this house to be a forever kind of place, more of a stop over on our way to our destination.  After a long series of events I won't bore you with, we decided that we will be here in this house for at least another year.  With that decision, I decided that I was sick of living in a stop over hotel and wanted to start making a home for my family.  My first project was our little boys room.  There are 3 bdrms on the main floor but one of them is really small - so Isaiah is occupying that one with a single bed which is a nice space for him and the other one is very long and narrow with 2 enormous windows so it is really difficult to come up with a good configuration for furniture.
I got the help of my handy, strong and handsome husband to do some lifting and moving and here is what we came up with:
Bunk beds for the twins - here they are reading before bed, and a twin for Benjamin:

It definitely is not out of a magazine!  We need some real night tables, a bed skirt and some curtains.  Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about the wall color which the picture makes look not bad at all!   In actuallity it kind of looks like a banana yellow with smoke damage - LOL!  Anyway, the boys LOVE their "new" room.
Have you seen these:

I love to read to the boys before bed and as they get older I'm not so anal about keeping their books out of reach because they won't chew, tear, and color them to pieces.  As soon as I saw these I thought they were such a great idea to have beside the boys beds.  Then Ana White from Knock Off Wood posted the amazing and easy instructions on how to make them.  THEN, Becky from Infarrantly Creative decided she would start another amazing blog called Knock Off Decor and she posted this little beauty made by Leslie from The Design File:

I have had an idea to create something like this for my own boys for some time and so, in keeping with my New Year's resolution to use what I have, I went out to the garage and brought in these old CD holders from ikea and had Andy drill some holes in them and hung them on the boys wall:
Each one got their own and they are loving them!  They are pretty plain right now but I'm planning on buying some vinyl stickers to decorate each one to make them more personal.  Here are the boys, enjoying their very own libraries:

Do you have something laying around that you could reuse for something other than its intended purpose?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!
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