Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everyday Finances

Did you hear that the minister of finance just announced new guidelines for Canadian mortgages?  The banks are getting more strict in an effort to boost the economy and keep Canadians out of foreclosure.  For our family, it doesn't seem any big shock.  The cost of living in the town we live in is very high.  We've struggled to try and get ahead since we've been here, but this year, we have changed our goals from saving to paying down debt.  We've tightened the purse strings - in a HUGE way, made a decision to use what we already have instead of buying more and already this year we've done well.  With me selling my cards and Andy selling some of his video games we've been able to almost completely pay off one of our credit cards!  I'm excited about this new goal and I'm looking forward to seeing what we are able to accomplish this year. 
What are you doing to get ahead?  Are you saving?  Paying off debt?  Are you making any changes in how you spend or invest?  What about inventive ways to increase your income?  I'd love to hear the changes you've made and how they are affecting your financial goals!
Often one persons ideas will work for almost anyone and since when one of us benefits we all benefit in the long run, I'm hoping that our ideas and successes will encourage you and vice versa! Pin It

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  1. I too am working on getting out of debt. I no longer have credit cards and I pay for everything with cash. I use the envelope system for things like gas and groceries. It's hard to cut back but SO worth the effort!!!


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