Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hockey Tournament

Some of you, my friends, have been asking for pics of the boys playing hockey, so me being the proud hockey Mom I am, am happy to oblige!  Here they are in all their glory with as many action shots as I could get!

I did get a close up of Eli too but he wasn't feeling good today, poor thing!  We offered to let him sit in the stand and watch with us but he wouldn't have any part of it!  He fell asleep in about 90 seconds after his head hit the pillow!  Jacob scored a hat trick today and Eli and Benjamin both had shots on goal - which is so exciting for them b/c neither of them have scored yet!  I'm hoping for at least one each before the season is over :0)! Thanks for taking time to look at my little men playing hockey! Pin It

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  1. Oh my gosh are they CUTE! They look so little to be sporting all that equipment! LOL How precious!


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