Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brothers or Bothers?

When I was making this page I accidentally wrote Bothers instead of Brothers as the title - lol.  As any big brother will tell you - the two are easily confused ;0).
I just love this pic of our boys:
Brothers pageforweb This page was fun to do!  I used a template by Jen Caputo and papers and elements by the Shabby Princess (LOVE their stuff!)
This one is for Isaiah's scrapbook and the journalling reads:
Ever since you were a little boy you always prayed for a little brother or sister.  Who would have guessed that you'd end up with 3 brothers.  You are such a good big brother and all 3 of those little boys look up to you.  They look forward to you coming home from school everyday and eat up every second of attention you give them.  They love playing with you.  It makes my heart happy to see you having fun with them. Pin It

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