Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Treat for Mrs. Harris

Okay, so I've been seeing all over the place that this recipe for banana bread that is "soooo good" so I decided to try it for myself!  WELL - let me assure you - the rumors are true - this banana bread is is AMAZING!!!  Jacob and I decided to make them into muffins instead.
Since they turned out so good and Jacob did the majority of it himself I thought he'd like to take one for his teacher - Mrs. Harris.  She is a really good teacher - unfortunately, the stats say that in 13 years of your child's education you are very lucky if you get one really good, dedicated teacher.  We are so blessed that the boys have had 2!  Unfortunately, the former was true for Isaiah who is now in grade 12.
Anyway, I think those teachers that are awesome at their jobs deserve a treat once in a while so I whipped up this little box for Jacob to take Mrs. Harris a banana muffin in.
I hope she likes it - I know Jacob will be proud as punch to take it to her~! Pin It

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