Sunday, January 17, 2010

Show & Tell

Just before Christmas, Jacob was very excited to take Andy to school for show and tell!  I went along and helped out and it was so much fun. Andy took the ambulance to show the kids as well as some other medical supplies and they were so excited!

Here is Jacob introducing Daddy and telling his class what Daddy does for a job.

1st up for display is the sp02 monitor.  Jacob gets to put it on his finger and Daddy shows the children how it measures the oxygen in your blood.

Next is the oxygen mask and tank.  Jacob shows the class how the mask fits over your face and you breathe in oxygen.  "It doesn't hurt and if someone in your family needs the ambulance, you might see them wearing one of these".  Each of the children got a chance to try on the mask.

Here is Eli hooked up to the heart monitor.  Daddy shows the class how the machine records your heart beat and how the Dr.s, nurses, and EMS staff can tell how well your heart is working from all the zig zags that show on the screen.  Each of the children got a piece of the rythym strip to take home.
Next it was out to the ambulance for the really exciting part:

It was so much fun to be able to share this with the grade 1 class and take some of the mystery and fear out of what happens if the ambulance comes to your house!
Thanks sweetheart for taking time to share your day with the children!
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  1. I think that is AWESOME! Can Andy come to our school? LOL What a neat experience to take the "fear" out of it should they (or someone they love) ever need an ambulance.


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