Friday, January 8, 2010

Old News

Well, I am very behind on my posts as I was spending all my time migrating them over from typepad and didn't want to create anymore until I was done so, over the next few days we'll catch up - nk?
This year was very exciting for the boys as far as a Christmas tree goes because we haven't had a real Christmas tree since they were babies!  We actually got to go out to a tree lot and pick a tree thiys year - granted, not as authentic as going and chopping one down but much less work and we don't have a tree farm near by.  Ignorance is bliss and since this is their first experience with it they were ecstatic.
Here is Eli, he quickly made friends with this tree and it was just destined to come home with us.

It was clearly unanimous - this was the one!

Daddy picked the tree up after work and brought it home!  It turned out it was a beautiful tree and filled the house with a fresh piney smell. Pin It

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