Saturday, January 2, 2010

It Was a Good Day

I know that for alot of you out there, like me, your family is your heart!  My husband and kids mean EVERYTHING to me.  As parents, we pour our hearts into our kids hoping and praying that all of our hard work will pay off and they will grow up to be caring, considerate, successful and productive members of society. 
Today a couple of really nice things happened.  First, Isaiah, our oldest son works at Walmart in the electronics department - which is right up his alley!  I was in Walmart today and was speaking to the store manager about something we wanted special ordered.  After our conversation, I went in one direction and he in another.  Then he stopped and called to me.  I of course turned to answer him and this is what he said, "Christie, I just wanted you to know that Isaiah is a really great kid.  We really like him here, and I just want you to know that you guys have done a really great job with him"
WOW!  I was so thankful and proud!  What an amazing compliment to recieve from a teenager's boss!  I was glowing!
THEN, after school Eli and Jacob and Isaiah came in from getting off the school bus - a totally new thing for them.  They are so excited (well, mostly the little ones are, Isaiah not so much - LOL).  Eli keeps saying, " I can't believe I live here"  like its New York or something - LOL!  Anyhow, the boys know that as soon as they come in they need to unpack their back packs and give me their agendas - which usually contain their homework!  In Jacob's agenda I found an extra peice of paper - kind of looked like a giant book mark - brightly colored and it said, "EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT JACOB IS AN EXCEPTIONAL STUDENT AND HAS MAGNIFICENT MANNERS" Love Mrs. Harris.  HOW great is that!  I am so proud of them both!
Great job Isaiah and Jacob, you make us so proud everyday but today was extra special!  Love you guys!
These are the little moments that God sends us to give us a pat on the back and say, good job!  Its these little things that make it alllllll worth it!  I love being a MOM!  Its my favoriteyist job in the whoooooole world! Pin It

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