Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prince Charming & His Happy Family

Another scrapbook page for you today.  I'm trying to spread out my efforts through out our family :0).  These pages use pics from Andy's file and will be going into his scrapbook:
Andy wedding 1for web
Andy wedding 2for web
Everything used for these pages came in a package from Digital Design Elements!  The template is another from Jen Caputo.  I downloaded the font from Becky Higgins' blog!  The 'stamp' or brush as they call it in digi scrapping was from my first class with Jessica Sprague.  I really got to experiment with alot of the techniques I learned in that class with these pages.  What do you think?  REALLY!  I am totally looking for feedback and suggestions.  I really want these pages to look real - lol!  Like you know those pages you see and you think to yourself - is that real or digi?  THAT'S how I want my pages to look - so please - if you have any suggestions or feedback - I'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for letting me show off my handsome husband ;0)! Pin It

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