Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its That Time Again

Yep, its that Family Picture time again!  We were really excited and thankful when my good friend Melissa offered to come out and take some family pics for us.  She did a great job with these little boys that acted like orangutangs!!!  Anyhow, I was tickled with how they turned out and I thought I'd show you the collages I made up.
First up, Andy and I - yep snuck in some pics of just the two of us (you'll notice one of them on the home page in the About Me area!
Andy and I
Then the kidlets - Isaiah:
the whole fam:
Christmas pic! This will be our Christmas pic this year :0)
And finally - all my boys together - my desktop:
My desktop
Just love seeing all those happy faces when I open my laptop!!
Go hug your family today and tell them how much you love to see their sweet faces everyday!!! Pin It

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