Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is a challenge that I found really difficult.  You had to take a pic and then immediately make a page with it and you only got 30 min.  YIKES!  I am slow maker - lol.  My cards and scrapbook pages generaly take me about 1 hour if I know exactly what I am doing and have an idea in mind so to start from scratch and have to complete it in 30 min was a bit much but here it is:
Todayfor web
I love this epoxy alphabet, the stitching down the border, the ribbon, button, tab and brush!  All sooo much fun!  I painted the stitching onto the button myself.
What moment in your day would you like to freeze in time?  It is true that our lives are made up of the miracles of everyday moments.  Don't forget to take time to treasure them. Pin It

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