Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'mmmm Baaaaack!

We're back from our little getaway to the mountains for rest, relaxation, and romance and sure enough we fit all of it in *grin*.  We left Kindersley about 4 pm on Monday and about 1/2 way there realized that we had made a wrong turn.  We weren't too far out of our way so we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We arrived at Mike and Charlene's on Monday evening and had such a great time visiting with them.  We all instantly hit it off and Andy and Mike had Charlene and I laughing and sometimes rolling our eyes - lol!  Charlene has the most beautiful stamp room that I was so lucky to see and her cards are even more amazing in real life than they are on her blog.  We stayed up waaaaayyyy too late visiting (poor Char had to work the next day).
We got to meet Wendy  for lunch the next day and she is so much fun!  We visited and got to know each other a little bit. 
I was lucky enough to run into Wendy again at the very end of our trip when I made Andy drop me off at a scrapbooking store while he went to get gas - and there she was!!!
I can't wait to see Char and Mike on the long weekend and I hope to be seeing more of both of them in the future!  It was so nice to meet some other Canadian girls who love to stamp and are so much fun!
Here's one more pic of Andy and I - if you are interested in seeing more of our pics from our trip you can visit my facebook page - the pics are in the Canmore album!
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