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I'm back with Day 2 pics and deets for you!  I know - you're on the edge of your seat right - LOL!
Well, Day 2 we went shopping at an outlet mall in Niagara.  I was thrilled to buy a whole bunch of school clothes for the boys at the OshKosh outlet - chinos for 9.95 - now that is a deal!!  That is where I spent most of my day.  I did get myself a treat from the Coach outlet as well - a new purse!!!  The prices there were crazy!  They were super cheap for Coach and what I really wanted was a pair of dress sandals but the store was full of purses - no sandals. There was a waiting line to get in if you can imagine that!  Anyway, the purse I got was leather of course and was on sale for the same price as I'd pay for a nice leather purse anywhere else so I decided to treat myself.  In the meantime - Andy was over at the tent sale that the Nike outlet was having.  He found himself a 260.00 baseball glove on sale for 19.99 so we ended up getting me one as well and one for each of the boys for 9.99 each - talk about a good deal!
After our long day of shopping (I reallly should have taken a pic of poor Andy sitting on a bench outside of the body shop loaded down with all the bags - LOL)  He is SUCH a good sport!, we dropped all our goodies off at our hotel and headed to Clifton Hill.  Clifton Hill is like a permanent amusement park - kind of.  It is of course located on a hill and we had a blast there!  First we took in some of the sights:
We didn't go on all those attractions but thought the displays were really elaborate!  We did however go for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe!  I love this place!
DSC_0468 DSC_0472 This guy was on the wall outside where we were waiting.DSC_0480 Here is me with this cute tree frog - they were always Isaiah's favorite when he was little!
DSC_0495 One of the display animals inside.
DSC_0508 A giant dragonfly.
DSC_0528 For those of you who have never been, every 20 min there is a "thunder shower" at the Rainforest Cafe.  Of course, there isn't really any rain, but you hear the thunder, there is lightening and these gorillas and elephants come to life.
DSC_0529 I can't wait to go somewhere with the boys that they have one of these - I know they would love it!
The food at this place was actually among the most reasonable of all the places we ate.
Next stop was desert at the Hard Rock Cafe.
DSC_0534 Andy and Isaiah love this place so I alway humor them by going - LOL!  We got Isaiah a t-shirt from here that he loved!
From there we headed over to the MGM's wax museum.  Wow, this place was amazing, you could have sworn that they were real people just standing perfectly still.  Even their eyes seemed to follow you (a little creepy).
DSC_0535 Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom of course,
DSC_0539 Heath Ledger as the Joker.
DSC_0546 Clark Gable
DSC_0571 Haley Barry and John Travolta
DSC_0576 Forest Gump
DSC_0600 Eddie Murphy
DSC_0627 Clint Eastwood
DSC_0632 Bett(sp?) Middler
These were just a few of the best but also among them were:  Indiana Jones, Dustin Hoffman & Tom Cruise from Rainman, Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge, Colin Farrel, The Blues Brothers, Crocodile Dundee, the Ninja Turtles, Micheal Keaton as the Batman and Jack Nicolas as the Joker, Matt Damon, Will Smith, The Terminator, Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, Happy Gilmore, Austin Powers, Rambo, Lord of the Rings, Garfield, ET, Judy Garland with the tin man, scarecrow and lion, Snow white and the 7 dwarfs, the simpsons, yoda and Darth Vader, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt from Ocean's Eleven and some characters from Alien.  Among the singing sensations were Shania Twain, Elvis, Garth Brooks, Cher & Madonna.  A very good exhibit for sure!
Next came the skywheel - oh boy! 
DSC_0465 Remember yesterday I mentioned about the crying - um ya well this is where it happened!  There is this enourmous ferris wheel where all of the seats are all enclosed - kind of like a gondola in the mountains!  So anyway, I'm thinking to myself that the view of the falls and surrounding area from the skywheel would be amazing!  At the same time in the back of my mind is this little voice going - um excuse me but are you sure you want to do this?  Remember your profound fear of heights?  While ignoring that voice and braving the now pouring rain we headed for the line which, as you can imagine, in that weather was very short.  We jump into our enclosed little car which was suspended hundreds of feet above the ground by what looked like dental floss and I suddenly became VERY aware of that little fear of heights.  I would have been okay if Andy would have sat perfectly still barely breating but that was not to be the case.  My very loving husband thought it was hysterical to torment me since it was my idea to go on this ride.  (I believe the same thing happened on our honeymoon on the gondola - will a girl NEVER learn?)  I guess the excitement of seeing everything over rode my commonsense.  Anyway, this stinking ride seemed to go on forever and with the rain you could not see a thing - except for the black hole surrounding our teeny weeny little car which I was sure would be plummeting to the ground carrying me to my death at any second.
DSC_0638 While Andy did confirm that the wires did look a little precarious and the wheel was making strange sounds he snapped these pics of me.
DSC_0640 This is where the crying came in - he started saying he couldn't understand how the ride could possibly be safe with this rain and the now strong winds...
DSC_0646 Can you see my expression beginning to change from fear to annoyance?
DSC_0651 Are they going to let me off this thing or what?  Everytime it went around - again and again and again - I was begging Andy to get them to stop and let us off and yet - NOPE, we just kept going.
DSC_0653 Ahhhhh, the end!  Thank goodness!  I should tell you that about 5 seconds before the ride ended Andy did have me convinced that there was a sign where we got on saying that each of the little cars was armed with a parachutte and airbags - can you believe that I actually believed him - sheesh!  Oh well, alls well that ends well right!
DSC_0993 Another beautiful day in Niagara.
I'll be back with pics from Marine Land and The Bird Aviary tomorrow! Pin It

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