Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thanks for letting us stay...

I am scheduling this post as I write so by the time you all get to read it the excitement will have been passed but on May 4th, Andy and I are leaving on a little R,R&R (rest, relaxation & romance) getaway.  I am VERY excited to be able to spend some time alone with my husband who is also my best friend!  The first night though, we are going to be staying with Charlene and Mike.  I promise to post pics when I get back.  Charlene and Wendy and I are going to have lunch on Tuesday and I am soooooo excited to meet these girls!  I made up this quick card to leave for Charlene and Mike for welcoming us into their beautiful home.
It was made with Paper Pretties' new stamp set Home Sweet Home! Pin It

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