Saturday, January 2, 2010

When I am old, I shall wear....

a straight jacket?  LOL!  I know, I know - PURPLE! 
Did you know that it is a medical proven fact that doing things that bring you happiness is good for your mental and physical health?
Guess what I did today?  When I was packing to move I found my Grandma's button stash.  Andy nearly threw it out on me when I gasped and lunged at him like Tiny Tim on a Christmas ham!
So today, I sorted buttons, yep, my Grandma's vintage buttons and it made my heart happy.  Here are some of the treasures I found:
IMG_7596 IMG_7597 IMG_7598
IMG_7599 Do you see it?  The treasure - do you see it?
The buttons are totally fab but here is the treasure:
IMG_7600 This little piece of paper was attached to that very plain black button to the upper left of it.  It reads "Geo's overcoat".  That was my Grandma's idea of organization and I loved seeing her handwriting on something that I'm sure had very little significance to her when she was writing it.  And the button, from my Grandpa's overcoat.  The coat he wore to all the weddings and funeral's he had to attend.  I remember that overcoat so well.  It was wool and charcoal grey, long to his knees.  He wore it over his suit, which he always looked very handsome in.
I miss my Grandparents terribly.  They raised me for the most part and their passing has left an ever present emptiness in my heart.  My great joy and consolation is knowing that we will meet again in Heaven.
Have I mentioned I love buttons?
Okay, so here are my buttons all organized:
These buttons made me so happy today that I was picturing myself collecting all these buttons and ribbon and crazy things that make me happy and my kids fighting over who would have to clean out my house when I die because of all these collections - that's where the straight jacket came in - LOL!
Take some time today to do something that makes your heart happy! Pin It

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