Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thanks for Helping us Move!

We didn't have a whole lotta help moving (poor Andy) but the help we did have was sure appreciated.    These are the Thank You cards I made to give them:
One of Andy's partner's husbands lent us his truck to pull the trailer with, here is his card:
For jeane
Another of Andy's partners brought his truck and helped load and unload the trailer - Thanks Garret!
And finally, we have another of Andy's partner's staying with us - poor Graham, had pneumonia and was calling out "sweet death take me now" while he was helping with some of the heaviest items.  Thanks Graham, you're a trooper!  Here is his card:
For graham 
Thanks everyone for all of your help!  For those of you behind the scenes - you know who you are, and for those of you that prayed for us this last year while we were apart and for a way for us to be together again, we thank you so much.  God is good and we are a family again!
So, who's helping with the next move? Mwaahahaha!!! Pin It

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