Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Shapes & Sizes

I figured this Stamping Bella was a good image to use at this time of the year when everyone is making their New Year's resolutions to work off all of those extra pounds from Christmas goodies.
I also love this sentiment because, while it is important to take good care of our physical bodies, I think our society puts waaaaaayyy too much emphasis on outward appearance.  How many of us choose our friends because of what they look like?  We see these girls on the infomercials advertising the latest new work out craze and they are PERFECTLY proportioned.  I think its important to remember that even our slim friends come in different shapes and sizes.  We choose our friends because of what is in their hearts!  I think as we all venture out in this new year trying to improve our health and thereby appearance, its important to remember...
Friends DO come in all shapes and sizes!
Hugs to all my differently shaped friends!! Pin It

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