Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aren't they Sweet?

This is Isaiah and Daisy snuggling on my bed.  I am so lucky because as a Mom of 4 boys - they are all (including the dog) VERY cuddly!  YAY me!
Every once in a while Isaiah will turn off his video games and cell phone and come and hang out with me in my room while I'm coloring or watching TV - AND I LOVE IT!!!  We'll chat - sometimes about serious things and other times just about nothing - and we laugh!
He is almost 17 and the time has just flown by!  I can't belive how fast he has grown up and I am soooo proud of the young man he has become.  I am so proud of how he respectfully questions the status quo, how he searches for ultimate truth rather than just accepting everything that is "acceptable".  I am so happy that in his own words "my family and art are my passions".
In this world that is so uncertain, when there are so many influences on our children's self esteem, direction and purpose, I am SO thankful to God for the young man Isaiah is growing up to be.
He conducts himself as a thoughtful and considerate gentleman with his new "friend that is a girl" - LOL"
I am so proud to be your Mom Isaiah.  I could not have asked for a better son.  It takes alot of courage to grow up to be who you really are  - and you're doing a great job son! Pin It

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