Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Story of Blessing

Andy and I have had quite a roller coaster when it comes to the area of employment almost the entire time we've been married.  We are both educated people, me being a Registered Nurse and Andy a mechanic, fireman, and primary care paramedic.  I dont' want this to get too long or sappy so I'm going to try and make this  as succinct as possible.  There have been times during our marriage that we were so poor that we prayed as we went to sleep that God would not let our babies wake up during the night because we had nothing to feed them.  We literally believed God for EVERYTHING. 
All of this, has at times, been very trying but I also believe that God has allowed us to walk through this journey for a reason.  God has ALWAYS taken care of us!  If there is one thing we have learned it is that God will ALWAYS take care of us!  We have learned that God truly is our Heavenly FATHER.  He cares for us in very real ways just as we care for those we love.
About 5 years ago, we packed up our family and all our belongings and moved to a small rural community for a casual position on an ambulance service for Andy - yes, I said casual.  The promise was that we would make x amount of money and within a couple of years Andy should have a full time position.  Well, here we are 5 years later and I can tell you that very rarely did we ever make the promised amount of money and the elusive Full Time position has never been seen.
About 6 months ago, Andy got extremely frustrated with the whole situation and finally said to God, "okay, I give up.  I cannot try to make this work.  If you will open doors for me, I will walk through them."  Well, God did, he provided a Full Time job for Andy (albeit temporary and 45 min away) but nevertheless a full time job.  We are still playing catch up financially for the backlog of bills over the last 6 + years but God has blessed us in so many ways through this job, financially and otherwise.  I see such a change in Andy and God has really used him to touch so many people's lives, colleagues and patients.
Okay, so, there is some art work coming...
After all of that, what I wanted to say was that, we are STILL waiting and believing God for a Full Time Permanent position for Andy but we KNOW (have you ever had that feeling that you just know that you know) that God is at work, continuing to open doors for Andy. 
I told you the other day that Andy had asked me to make him a couple of book marks.  Here is the second of the two:
IMG_6611 I felt like I needed to share all of the above with you so that you get to know us a bit better but also to explain why, on this book mark with a cross and a scripture, there is a stethescope charm.  We know that God is at work to provide a full time job for Andy as a primary care paramedic - soon to be an advanced care paramedic; and we know that all we have to do is trust!
Thank you God for being the best Daddy around, for ALWAYS taking care of us in ALL WAYS! Pin It

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