Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christie Christie Quite Contrary....

how does your garden grow?
Some of you have been asking for pics of my garden (after all the ones in the spring) to see if anything has actually grown - LOL.  Well, despite the fact that we have not really had very nice summer weather, those little babies have made a bit of progress.  Hopefully I'll have more blooms to show you in August some time.
Img_6190 These are the beans that the boys planted with the cucumber plants that I started from seed in front of them.   I do think we are actually going to get a bit of produce off of them!!  Probably not enough for a whole meal (especially the way my boys eat) but maybe enough to nibble on!
Img_6191 Here are my tomatoe plants ( a little later than my friend Hope's - who I'm sure has been enjoying her bounty already).  Nevertheless, they do have blooms so I can't wait to taste that juicy goodness!
Img_6192 These flowers were inspired by Hope as well.  She sent me a pic of these in her yard and I just had to have them!  They are phlox and they remind me of little hydrangeas.  They are the creamiest, richest white ever and the smell soooooo prettie!
Img_6194 These are my lilies.  I have a ton of these.  They are so hardy.  This year, earlier in the summer I dug them up and seperated the bulbs - by seperated I mean pulled them apart - poor things.  I can't believe they are still blooming this well.  There are probably about 12 plants and each of them has at least 3 blooms.  I'm sure I'll be able to seperate them agan next spring!
Img_6195 Okay, so this is where my gardening inexperience starts to show.  These are some flowers I have planted in containers in the front of our house.  I forget what they are called though.  The pink ones are so dense and gorgeous!
This probably doesn't look like much to you but to me - VICTORY!!!  These are the very first buds on my baby hydrangea bushes!!!  I can't wait 'til they are in full bloom so I can show you again!
Img_6198 ...bluebells and cockle shells all in a row.
Img_6199 Again, no clue what these are called but they are really prettie, dense little blooms.
Img_6200 Snap dragons on steroids!!  Holy smokes, I have never seen snapdragons this big!  These things are almost up to my waist.  My Grandma always had them when I was growing up but they were just the smaller ones (which are planted in front of these big one but are not blooming right now).
Img_6201 Remember those pathetic rose bushes I was trying to bring back to life?  Look at this!!  The two big bushes are on either side and the little ones are fillng in the middle.
Img_6202   These are my containers that I planted earlier as well.  The 2 on the left are full of pansies (I love those little faces) and the one on the right is snapdragons and a very prettie white trailing flower.
Well, thanks for visiting my garden!  Take time to smell some flowers of your o

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