Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where Did it Go?

The time...I know that all of you out there who have "babies" starting Kindergarten this year can totally relate.  While I am so excited for my babIES beginning their school years because I know they are so ready and are going to LOVE it, I still watch them and think - where did the time go?  Getting the nursery ready for their big arrival in some ways seems like a lifetime ago and in other ways seems like yesterday.  I remember sitting holding those little tiny babies (4 pounders) in the recliner rocking them and singing to them in the middle of the night while nursing them.  Yep they have grown and the milestones have come and gone - sitting up, teeth, crawling, walking, and talking and the list goes on. 
When I think about so many others who never get to enjoy those milestones for a variety of reasons, I am so thankful!  I pray that God will always help me to remember the sound of their sweet little voices, their little giggles, the feel of their small hands in mine and to treasure every moment as they continue to grow and see many more milestones ahead.
Happy First day of school my big boys!
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