Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Lights

Every year at Christmas time, we drive into the city (about 1 1/2 hr away) with all the boys and have supper and the we take the boys to The Enchanted Forest light display that they put on at the zoo grounds.  It has become a tradition and it is so fun to hear the boys ooooo and ahhhhh at the lights.  There was a new display this year - Noah's Ark - don't ask me what Noah's ark has to do with Christmas but it was stunning nevertheless:
IMG_6712 The picture really doesn't do it justice.  From the bottom of the boat where the water is to the top of eagle that is flying it is probably 50 feet tall.  In front of the boat "in the water", there was a whale's tale that kept appearing with splashes of water around it.   You can see the animals boarding the ark from the left hand side.  All of the animals featured in the "windows" of the ark are endangered. Very vibrant and beautiful.
Then there was this display, which was not new but is always one of my favs:
IMG_6714  I think this is pretty self explanatory but I have to tell you this funny story.  Andy was reading the Christmas story to the boys out of a bible that was difficult for them to understand.  So, through out the story I would stop Andy and ask the boys questions to help them understand.  For instance, "what do you think the angels said to the shepherds?"  Well we got to the part where Jesus is born and knowing that this part is so important, I stop Andy and say, "what was the baby's name?"  Let me preempt the answer by saying that my children are very familiar with the bible and the Christmas story which is why the answer had us laughing until our tummies hurt.  Eli, raises his hand and waiving it frantically says, "I know, the baby's name is Kyle"  ROTFLOL!!!  Where the hek did "Kyle" come from?  We have no clue but man was it funny!  Okay, back to the picture above.  We stop the van for a second in front of the manger scene and once again, I say to the kids, "who is that?"  Eli, once again, pops up his hand waiving it frantically (now that they're in school, that's what they do ya know) and says, " I know, that's Jesus in Disneyland"  HUH?  Omgosh, again, we laughed so hard!  I guess the star must have looked like the Disney castle or something.
Anyway, I hope my little story made you smile!  Thanks for stopping by. Pin It

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