Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've got Rider Pride...

Today was Rider day in our town.  Roughrider that is - remember this post?  Yep, the Roughriders are our Provincial CFL football team.  The boys dressed in green and white for school and then after school we headed over to the highschool for the football game.  Unfortunately it was a little cool so you can't see their green t-shirts because we had to put sweat shirts on to stay warm but don't their faces look cute!!!
Img_6406 Jacob (right) really liked the football game and really paid attention - kind of even got the whole idea of the game and what the players were doing.  Since Mommy's favorite sport is Football, I can see this turning into our special outing together!
One of Isaiah friends - Sheldon Dyck - is the kicker on our highschool team.  The boys LOVE Sheldon!  They always say "Seldon is my best fwend" LOL!  Everytime Sheldon was on the field, all three of the boys just yelled his name.  It was so cute!  Anyway, they really wanted a picture with him in his uniform so here it is:
Now, while we were over at the players bench, the announcer comes on and introduces the Roughrider players that were at the game as well as the Roughrider's mascot - Gainer the Gopher - yes - you guessed it a giant gopher - LOL!  Well, we look across the field and here comes Gainer in the back of a small John Deer tractor with a trail of literally about 30 feet of children from ages about 6-10.  I pointed out the gopher to the boys and Benjamin (having no fear of anything in this world and truly believing that he is invincible) takes off running behind this tractor.  He breaks away and races IN FRONT of all these children - who were running quite fast - to get to this gopher.  Now, please, I hope you see the humor in how funny this is while at the same time Mommy sees that he is now ahead of the crowd, beside the tractor and heading straight toward the front tires.  I'm sure he was thinking he would just jump in front of the tractor and stop it like Superman or something.  So here I am running along the side of the field yelling his name (like he could hear me while his ear is right next to the stinkin tractor motor followed by 50 screaming children)  OIY!  While I'm laughing at how fast he is running, terror is gripping my heart fearing that the driver did not see him and would run right over him.  I finally caught up to him and grabbed his arm.  He looked up at me like he was thinking "what is your problem"  LOL.  Here he is beside the tractor in front of all the other kids - you can see the famed Gainer the Gopher too.
Img_6410 That's him right at the front in the grey sweatshirt and jeans (you can see the size of the children he raced past - little stinker)
Here he is with one of the Roughriders:
And I couldn't resist taking this picture of the player's ring.  I couldn't believe how big it was!  This is the grey cup championship ring - G
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