Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sacrifice = Romance

Indulge me for a minute, would you?  I have to tell you a bit about my husband.  He really is the BESTEST!  He is a great Dad and he is my very best friend.  However, one thing my husband is not is romantic.  Well, not in the sense of those romantic comedies we all watch where the amazingly handsome man comes in and buys expensive gifts and flowers and sweeps the girl off her feet and wisks her away, etc etc. 
We've had these conversations about how romance is important to women - blah bla bla, yada yada yada, and yet - nothin really.
Well, after 6 years of marriage, I'm super excited to tell you that I think he's getting it ladies!!!  Now, don't get me wrong - I definitely don't expect expensive presents and fancy gowns and jewelry or anything like that but unexpected flowers and dinner once in a while would be nice - kwim?
I was very surprised on our cruise in May when he surprised me with a beautiful Anne Klein bracelet from the jewelry shop on board!  I guess I kind of forgot about that.
Anyway, this year we have decided to purchase a new bed.  Andy picked what I swear is the most expensive bed every made - LOL - I have to admit that it is like laying on a cloud - but, we decided that we wouldn't buy gifts for each other, we'd just have the bed as our gift!
I just couldn't stand the thought of him not having anything to open on Christmas morning to so I decided to buy him a little something.  One of the things we like to do together is jigsaw puzzles - not the cheap kind but really nice pictures, so I ordered him a 756 piece puzzle that is a portrait of our family.  Realizing that he needs to leave to go back to work on Christmas day and we wouldn't have time to build it if he didn't open it until Christmas morning, I suggested that he open his gift a little early.  He agreed but responded by saying,  "well then you have to open your gift too", knowing that I wasn't getting a gift I was a little miffed and said, "that's not funny!".
He kind of tilited his head and smiled and said, "I had to go without food for a few days and sell some of my video games but I got you something".  Now, let me take a minute to tell you that for Andy to part with his video games is like me parting with my stamps - it aint pretty.
I had been saying for some time that I had wanted a Canon Selphy printer and guess what I got - yep, you guessed it - a Canon Selphy printer!
I opened it and started to cry - not because I got the printer but because he literally went without eating (he has a food allowance to buy groceries while he's away) and parted with some of his favorite games to spoil me.
I love you honey!  Thanks for making my Christmas extra special! Pin It

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