Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Fishing We Will Go...

Since we aren't taking a summer vacation with the boys this year, we decided to sneak into the city for a couple of days and enjoy some R&R (well, as much R&R as you can get with 4 active boys) while Andy was home for his days off.
Isaiah had a friend come along and they went to an outdoor music festival for the afternoon and early evening while Andy and I took Eli and Jacob shopping for their Kindergarten school supplies.  They had so much fun picking out their back packs and lunch bags!
Then we headed off to the hotel where we stayed in a very cool underwater theme room.
The boys thought it was just the coolest thing (Andy & I thought it was pretty neat too).  We enjoyed actually sitting down in a restaraunt and enjoying eating dinner with the boys.  Then it was off to waterslides!  They had so much fun and we splashed and played with them for a couple of hours.  Then we headed back to the room for a pay per view movie - Kung Fu Panda.  They enjoyed it so much and we all giggled!
In the morning we headed out and off to the boys first time fishing!  Dawned (sp) with their Buzz Lightyear fishing rods they were off with Dad to learn the fine art of how to catch a "whomper".
Andy got all of their rods rigged up for them and helped them cast their lines in.
Just as I was explaining that they simply did not have the attention span to cast and wait indefinitely for a bite, Andy pointed to Benjamin and said, "well, he doesn't seem to have a problem with it"
All of the boys seemed to catch on really quick and they loved practising casting and "wheeling in".
Although, there were some moments of boredom:
That thing Eli is laying on is a water fountain!  It made sense to him that this was the easiest way to get some water - LOL!
Isaiah and Brandon enjoyed the festival and came home with some "merch" that they were very happy with!
It was nice to get away overnight and spend some quality time with the boys. 
Sometimes, you just need to take a break from the business of life to enjoy the things that are most important t Pin It

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