Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Baby Turned 4

I can't believe that Benjamin Bunny Toes is 4 years old.  Where the hek does the time go?  We had him and the twins so close together it was really like having triplets things have always been so busy.  I think we've wanted for them to grow up so that things would be a little less crazy but now that they are - I'm a little sad.  I guess that's how it always is when your babies are growing up.  I have to admit that I already have anxiety about Isaiah graduating next year and leaving home.  While I am so so proud of the young man he is becoming I just can't believe that my 1st baby is that old already.
Let me preempt the rest of this post by giving you a bit of an update of what has been going on in our lives lately.  Andy (my husband and the love of my life) began a job about 2 months ago in another town.  We are so so happy for him because he loves his job but it has been difficult for the boys and I being seperated from him for a week at a time.  By the next time he comes home he will have been away for 17 days.  I don't know how military wives do it.  My heart goes out to them and their kids!!!  Anywho, I've said all of that to say that we are looking at relocating  which means lots of changes.  I know for those of you who have done this you know all of the frustration of getting a house ready to sell and looking for a new one in a community where you can add 100K to the same house you could buy in our town - YIKES!  In an attemp to get ready to get the house ready to sell, I've been decluttering, pitching, goodwilling, garage saling, etc.  (That explains all the stamping stuff for sale below).  This task has been a little daunting since we live in a fairly big house, I've been here alone with the 4 boys doing school, lunches, etc, running Paper Pretties, getting ready for birthdays, etc etc.  To add insult to injury, the sewer backed up into the basement all over a bunch of the boxes I just packed - OIY!!  Okay, really God has been very gracious to us!!!  I'm not complaining - honest!  Just wanted to get you updated on why I haven't posted any eye candy lately!!!
Okay, back to Benjamin - Andy was supposed to come home for his days off on Benjamin's birthday and then called the day before to let me know that they had asked him to work an additional 3 days so he wouldn't be able to come home.  After the tears (all from me - LOL)  I decided that we were just going to pack everything up and take the party to Daddy!  So with all the kids, one of Isaiah's friends and my friend Melissa in tow we hit the highway and headed toward Daddy.  We had a little birthday party in the nurses lounge in the hospital and it just happened that a good friend of mine from nursing school happened to be working - yay Lindsay!
Here are some pics from our party:
Make a wish sweet baby!
Time for presents - a remote contol car, spiderman lego, tools ("for hewping Daddy fix da house") &
Img_6389 a punching bag - what the hek Melissa!!!  LOL!
Happy Birthday my sw Pin It

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