Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 Step Poppin Pastels Tutorial

This is my first tutorial and I'm very excited to show you the 2-step poppin pastel technique. 
1.  With your 1 3/8" square punch, punch 2 overlapping squares out of scrap paper to form a mask.

2.  Using a removable glue attach your mask to your cardstock which your main image will be on. ( I used Stampin Up's 2-way glue and very vanilla card stock).

3.  Using a sponge dauber, sponge on whatever color of pastel you would like to form the background for your main image in the masked area until it is completely covered.  (I used caramel)

4.  Next choose whatever stamp you would like to be your main image, ink it up with versa mark and stamp it inside the masked area.

5.  Using the little swabs that come with the pastels, very gently rub the same color pastel you used for your background onto the versa marked images.  The key here is to make sure you have enough pastel on your swab, don't rub too hard otherwise you will smudge the versa mark and start with the most detailed part of the stamp first.  I used the thank you leaf stamp from Stampin Up's Take Three set.  The reason for using the same color pastel is that if there is any smudging of pastel around the image you won't be able to see it because it is the same color as the background.  If you choose to use different colors, you will have to be very careful because you cannot erase the pastel around the image or it will erase your background as well.

6.  Now you can remove your mask, and finish your card.  I recommend that you mist hairspray or acrylic sealer into the air and let it fall on your pasteled image to keep it from smudging.

Now go and try your own card!!
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