Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6 Years...

...and it keeps getting better and better!  Today Andy and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary.  We didn't do anything spectacular in most people's eyes.  We worked on landscaping some more of our yard, but in my eyes, this WAS - IS spectacular, extraordinary, above average, excellent.  As we planted two new baby trees - a flowering plum
and a hydrangea bush,
the kids ran around the yard, playing, jumping on the trampoline, carrying bricks to help build a patio for their play house, etc. 
I stopped to smell the flowers, so to speak.  While it seemed like business as usual at the Ortmans, I stood in the middle of my ordinary, everyday life and realized that I was living my dream. 
All my life I dreampt (sp) about what I was doing right at that moment - being a wife and mom and making a home for my family.
They truly are the greatest blessings in my life - even in the chaos of everyday life - I love it!!!
To you my dear, sweet, supportive, understanding, patient husband:  Thank You! 
Thank you for our boys,
Thank you for teaching me to laugh at myself
Thank you for teaching me that perfection is not really perfection at all.
Thank you for teaching me to delight in small acheivements;
Thank you for being teachable, for always trying to make me feel loved and special.
Thank you for always putting me and the boys before yourself.
Thank you for being the best Daddy any boys could ask for!
Thank you for being my very best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my plumbline (sp), my hero.
Thank you for always being on my side and most of all - just like I said 6 years ago today -
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