Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be Thankful

Since this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada I would be amiss not posting a note Thanking
God for all the immense blessings He has given.  Often when blessing appears in our lives, we can explain it away - "oh, it was a person who provided that food, when we didn't have any - it wasn't God"; "that healing that took place was just medical science, the doctors and good medicine - it wasn't God; "when I really needed encouragement, it was just coincedence that person called - it wasn't God"; etc.  We need to remember that EVERY good and perfect gift comes from God, oh, He will often use people but rest assured that God is moving on our behalf because He has our best in mind.
When I think of Thanksgiving and family traditions, one that is my favorite is sitting down to dinner and letting everyone around the table tell what they are thankful for.  My list is long - I am truly blessed. 
1.  The abundant grace of God who sent His only son to die so that I can spend eternity in heaven.
2.  My loving, patient, understanding husband who is my best friend, my closest confidante, and my partner in life.

3.  My 4 beautiful boys - 
Isaiah - who as he grows challenges us with his questions about life, God, and relationships and who although a teenager is still not embarrassed to kiss him mom infront of his friends. 

Jacob - our little leader, he can whip a room into shape faster than you can blink an eye.  He knows what he wants and is determined to go after it.  He loves to cuddle and knows every theme song for every cartoon on Treehouse. 
Eli - our sweet little peeper with a heart as soft as butter.  Fights for his independance and seeks constance reassurance from his family.  He is loved by all and is not afraid to speak his mind.  He definitely has the best manners in the house!   
Finally little Benjamin  who makes us all laugh and wants so bad for his brothers to play with him and love him.  A Mamma's boy right now - and that's okay with me!
4.  Health - thank you God for your sustaining love.
5.  A warm house with enough room for everyone including family and friends that are visiting!
6.  Good jobs that allow us to be at home with our children and each other.
7.  Wonderful friends and family who make our life complete - Grandma Joyce, Aunt Bev, Uncle Clarence, Ryan and Jared, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa O, Darryl, Matt, Lenny and Graham, Kate, Thom, Jacque and kids, Wes, MaryAnn and fam, Deon, Wilma and Baby Phoebe.... and the list goes on.
8.  Life in a country that is free and not war torn.  A place where we are free to express our thoughts, beliefs, and values, and worship our God openly.  A place that is safe for our children, where we can conduct business, shop, and have time to enjoy hobbies instead of living in fear of death.
For all of these things and many many more we thank you God - the giver of all good things.  We are truly blessed to call you Father.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Ortmans!

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