Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BIG Event - HUGE!

Okay, maybe not such a big deal to all of you but for those of us in the Ortman household - today was monumental.  Please excuse me while I gush - I don't do this very often so I hope you'll bear with me. We were outside most of the day today since the weather was B E A Utiful!!!   I did some weeding in my garden (those pics will be coming up tomorrow) and the boys watered the flowers, the lawn and each other!  It was a great day (except that Andy wasn't here - insert very very sad Christie face and then one followed by a tempertantrum Christie).
Okay, so later in the afternoon, Jacob decided he'd do a little bike riding.  He discovered quickly that one of his training wheels had come loose and was pointing up in the air, which led into a very intense conversation regarding the appropriate age of which a young boy should reach before he is "big" enough to ride with no training wheels.  After much encouagement and affirmation that age 5 was indeed "big" enough, Jacob dug out Daddy's tools and began dismantling the training wheel assembly on his bike.
Here he is proudly showing off his now, unmounted training wheels.
This is him wanting to ensure Daddy that he did, indeed, keep the nuts and bolts to reattach the training wheels if need be (notice that there are only 2 and they are not the same, hmmmm)
So, being the little trooper he is, he decided to give it a whirl.  With Mom holding the back of the seat, he pushed off and.......
fell - crashing to the ground.  (Luckily, we were on the grass!)  There were no tears, but no amount of coaxing in the world could assure him that indeed "5" was "big" enough to ride with no training wheels.  Now, to really appreciate the whole event you have to understand that while Jacob and I are having this very indepth conversation about the age appropriateness of training wheels, my Benjamin (3 years old) - some of you may know him as Cooper - wink - is jumping up and down behind me saying, "I big nough, I twy Mommy, I can do it, I twy Mommy, my toon Mommy!!!"  You have to understand this child has NO fear!  He will jump into any depth of water without a second thought and goes down the grown up slide at the pool with no hesitation.  He does not understand that the street is meant for vehicles to drive on not for little boys to drive their trikes or dump trucks on.  He will wander into the neighbor's yards and "borrow" whatever he thinks looks like fun and has been known to actually be right inside our next door neighbor's house entertaining their two border collies while no one is at home.  He can do a front flip in the air - NO HANDS on the trampoline, and last week while I was on the phone with the mortgage broker I found him standing on the roof of our van - OIY!!!  Anyway, I did give him a chance but the seat was just too high for his little legs!
Here comes the monumental part.  Eli who is also 5- the younger of the twins is kind of like my cowardly lion - bless his little heart - now you know where this is going....
Dawned with his helmet and a look of determination never seen on any little boys face before - he gently walks up and says, "I can twy Mommy?"  So of course, I let him, knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to do it and preparing my "its okay honey, you can try again tomorrow" speech. 
He confidently climbed on that bike which's (- is that a word?) - seat was way too high for him as well. 
I hung onto the back of the seat and he took off like a shot with Mommy standing behind him yelling "go Eli, keep peddling, you're doing it - yay Eli".  This was followed by laughter and tears and much loud applause from Mom - I'm a mush I know!
Blog5 I was just so proud of my little "Peeper"!!!  He can ride with no training wheels - BEFORE his big brother Jacob who generally does everything first!!

Here he is showing off just a little (he he)
Blog8 Good for you Eli! I'm so proud of you!  We have given him the official title of "No Training Wheel Ortman Champion of the World" - LOL
I bet you thought I was done huh - nope just a couple more!  This big event was followed by a rousing game of freeze tag:
Which then led into a very rowdy game of football - yes, the real deal!
This Jacob hutting the ball to Isaiah while my little line backer stood guarding the line.  (Yes, he is wearing little boxer briefs - LOL).  Benjamin proceeded to sack the quarterback (Isaiah - 16 - who plays so well with his little brothers).  LOL!
Needless to say everyone is tired out and ready for bed tonight.
If you're still with me, thanks for listening (reading) to my gushing about my boys!
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