Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Easter

This Easter though, is somehow different.  I don't really know why.  I am here at home wearing Andy's old t-shirt and some sweats; my hair is half in a pony and half all over the place.  I am TOTALLY missing my husband and best friend since he went away for a much deserved and much needed break to visit friends and family (he'll be home tomorrow at supper - whew).  Anyway, the boys are all wrestling in the living room and we're getting ready for an easter egg hunt but for some reason I just feel different this Easter.
I am so aware of the amazing sacrifice that Jesus gave for us.  It's like its the first time I've heard it or something.  Can you imagine, sending your child to live with people who totally abused them, mocked them and ultimately murdered them and not ever wanting vengence or feeling hatred.  That is what God did for us.  I just can't even comprehend what it must have been like for Jesus - choosing to sacrifice His life for people who hated him so that they would have opportunity to live for ever in Heaven rather than hell.
The most amazing thing I guess, (not that I've never heard this before either) is that if I would have been the only one that would have benefitted from His death, He still would have done it - just for me.
Just for you.
May you have a very blessed Easter surrounded by those you love and may you, in a very real way, experience the love the God has for you and understand in a fresh new way the sacrifice He made for us.
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