Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Bella

OMGosh.  Okay, I am totally addicted to these stamps.  They are sooooo cute.  These are like Barbies for grown up.  Having said that - how much fun do you think I'm having - WOOOHOOOO.
Here are the cards I have made so far with these stamps.  Check out the album in the column on the left for all the details.
I used the Big Blossom sellabration stamp with some awesome printed paper I pulled out of my cabinet.  Girls just wanna shop!

Here's my tribute to Daisy Duke - what a great girl she was!

OH BABY!  For those of you that have children, can you remember when you were this big?  I sure can and shopping was the only thing that made me feel better (well shopping and bubble baths).

Love this stamp because my engagement ring is a solitaire - remember those days girls.

You're the best!- love this card to give to a girl friend.  Remember getting ready to go out with the girls?

Bling Bling- Love how this card sparkles IRL!

Its a Boy, Its a Boy, Its a Boy, Its a Boy - yep all 4 times and lovin them all!

Holiday Shopping - yeh!!!

Hey Girly!  Let's hit the beach!

Giggles - remember heading out with the girls for a couple of drinks?

Ode to my Wilms - Remind you of anyone?

Tickled Pink - It was a perfect day!!!

Okay - its obvious - did you notice how many times I just said "remember"?  These stamps are definitely reminiscent of earlier days - they are so much fun.  However, I wouldn't trade my life today for anything.  It is perfect, a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful boys, a nice warm house, health - everything I've always dreamed of (but its still fun to play - he he).

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