Friday, December 25, 2009

Time With the Boys

Well while Andy was at the golf course working today I spent a little time with my boys outside.  Isaiah was away on a camping trip with the youth group which colmunated - sp? in a phrase that went something like "Hi, I'm home, I'd love to talk but I've never been this dirty in my life."  LOL!!! Up to the shower he went!!!  Here is a pic of him and his friend Ben.

Isaiah's the one with the shirt on.
Anyway, earlier in the day, I was outside with the twins and Baby Ben (who calls shipping ben - Big Ben)  - very cute!!!  "Big Ben nice to me, me wuv Big Ben".
This last week, we have literally had swarms of dragon flys around here - which is good because the misquitoes are virtually nonexistent!  Anyway, the boys think they are so cool.  Jacob really doesn't bother with them, Benjamin runs around frantically trying to catch them and Eli stands perfectly still with his hand out waiting for one to land (and several did).  I'm sure there is a very profound lesson we could learn from that.  (I think I'm most like Benjamin - LOL)!
Anyway, here is a pic of Eli with one of the dragon flys.

Check out the dirt between those little fingers - you can sure tell he's a boy!
Anyway, lastly, here are the three little angels on the lawn (if only they got along like this all the time) sigh.

From left to right:  Eli, Benjamin (who by the way really does believe his name is Baby Ben) and Jacob.
We have had record setting temperatures here this summer.  One day last week it was 43 degrees celcius.  For you Americans out there, that is 109.4 degrees farenheit.  YIKES!!! That is hot!  Since we have no air conditioning in our house, you can imagine that we sat around basting in our own juices - YUK, until I decided we were going to the city (1 1/2 hours away) to walk around the mall where it was air conditioned.  We all loaded into the van and off we set, about 20 minutes out of town, the air conditioning in the van stopped working.  Can I just tell ya how many dragon fly's I was pelted with through my open window going 120 km/hr down a highway - oh ya, it was an enjoyable day.
Anyhoo, we got to the city and wasted some time until about supper time when it cooled down to 40 degrees and we figured that would be a good time to go to the zoo.  Off we set.  It did end up to be extremely hot but the boys had a blast.  Because our climate is so extreme - so hot in the summer but so cold in the winter our local zoo has "visiting animals" every year.  This year it is white tigers.  The boys loved them.  Here are a few pics from the zoo:

No matter what the weather or the temp - my favorite place to be is with my family!

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